Our Child Care & Education Center

We are a dedicated group of educators who specialize in providing early childhood programs to our local community.

Our Teaching Philosophy at

Emilie Christian Day School

Young children learn by doing.

The complex process of learning begins at birth and results from the interaction of a child’s own thinking and experiences. Maturity and emotional development are important contributing factors in learning because they provide a valuable framework which precedes learning.

Children learn by:
  • hearing
  • seeing
  • moving
  • and touching

With a foundation of security, love and encouragement, children will explore and learn to understand the exciting world around them.

Knowledge is not given to children. They acquire information about their physical and social world through playful interaction with other children, adults and objects. They are motivated by a natural desire to explore and make sense of the world around them.

Each child is unique. A quality early childhood program recognizes the individual needs of children while providing an environment full of stimulating, as well as challenging materials and activities for all children. Our master teachers and skilled staff closely observe the children in how and what they understand and construct additional experiences and challenges to expand the child’s thinking even further.

Active Play and Learn Sessions

Learning information in meaningful context is not only essential for a child’s understanding and the development of concepts, but is also critically important for stimulating self-motivation in children.

Children learn best when they use their whole bodies and are active in the lesson.
Learning about positional words, "inside" and "outside"

Learning about positional words, “inside” and “outside”

Making clocks and taking the position of a number on the clock to learn about telling time!

Making clocks and taking the position of a number on the clock to learn about telling time!

Learning about “M” words and making “moustaches” to wear above their “mouths”

Learning about “M” words and making “moustaches” to wear above their “mouths”

Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Programs

Young children need basic understanding and skills to make their experiences more meaningful. Through play with various, diversified and similar items, children are able to classify, sort, count and so on.

Children learn language through daily, fun experiences, through the five senses, and through listening and talking to other children and adults. Staff can help children learn language by speaking to them continually about whatever they are experiencing at the time and by telling them the words they need to understand their experiences.

The teachers and staff at Emilie Christian Day School would love to welcome you and your child into our learning community.

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