Parent Handbook

Our handbook is designed to ensure your family has a positive experience with our school.  In the handbook, we have tried to anticipate your questions about the program.

Our goal is to provide high quality care and education for children and to ensure that parents are valued and respected.  To accomplish this, we depend on parents to be responsible and active participants.  We expect parents to read the handbook, follow the policies and procedures, provide us with all the necessary information, and be open and honest regarding their feelings about the program.  We welcome your comments, questions, concerns and suggestions about your child’s experience and the program.  The director and teachers are available for individual meetings at a mutually convenient time to ensure good communication and the best experience for your child.

Changes to specific policies and/or procedures will be distributed to parents in writing.  The handbook is to be used as a guide and is not inclusive of all policies and practices.  Any questions and/or concerns should be directed to the Director.

Download the Parent Handbook by clicking here.